Latest football news from Greenland

2015 Island Games: Isle of Wight - Greenland 1-2 (1-1)
Amsterdam, 2 July 2015 - During a very strong tournament, Greenland finished 5th after a 2-1 win over the Isle of Wigh. It's a pity that Greenland lost out on reaching the semi-finals this tournament on the amount of goals scored because the team looked very strong and able to win a medal this year.

(photo: Nukappiaaluk Hansen)

2015 Island Games: Ynys Môn Ladies - Greenland Ladies 0-4 (0-2)

Amsterdam, 2 July 2015 - The ladies also ended their tournament in joy, beating the Welsh Island of Ynys Mons by 4-0 after a 2-0 lead at half-time. Greenland overclassed the Welsh Island during the whole game having ball possession about 80% of the time. Greenland ladies finished 9th in the overall standing.

2015 Island Games: Saaremaa - Greenland 1-2 (0-1)

Amsterdam, 30 June 2015 - After 2-1 win over the Estonian island of Saaremaa, Greenland managed to finish in a very honourable 2nd place of group A at the 2015 Island Games. With two wins and a draw Greenland only mist out on the first spot by scoring less goals against Saaremaa and Aland.

2015 Island Games: Aland - Greenland 0-2 (0-1)

Amsterdam, 29 June 2015 - After a 1-0 score at half time, Greenland won their first game of these 2015 Island Games. If Greenland will manage to beat Saaremaa and Menorca does not beat Aland, Greenland will become group winner and play in the semifinals.

2015 Island Games: Hitra Ladies - Greenland Ladies 6-1

Amsterdam, 29 June 2015 - Greenland Ladies lost 6-1 against Hitra from Norway and finishes third and last in their group. Last qualification match for them will be played July 2nd against Ynys Mon.

2015 Island Games: Menorca- Greenland 2-2 (0-1)

Amsterdam, 28 June 2015 - Greenland drew the first serious game of the year against the Spanish island of Menorca. After a 1-0 advantage at half-time by a goal after 5 minutes by Frederik Funch. Short after the break Menorca equalised. Then John Ludvig Broberg scored the 2-1, but it was not enough. The Spaniards managed to score too, 2-2 after 90 minutes. Next game will be Monday against Aland.

(photo: Nukappiaaluk Hansen)

2015 Island Games: Jersey Ladies - Greenland Ladies 2-0
Greenland ladies lost 2-0 against home team and favourites Jersey. The ladies will play their last group game tonight already against Hitra.


(Arrival of the football team at Jersey Airport; photo: Nukappiaaluk Hansen)

'Pre-season' friendlies: Marstal/Rise- Greenland 0-2
Amsterdam, 23 June 2015 - The last  friendly to be played at Tasinge Stadium in preparation of the Island Games in Jersey, Greenland beat Marstal/Rise with 2-0. Marstal had little surprises for the Greenlanders, two years ago Greenland also played the team and won back then with 3-1. The Greenlandic connection with Marstal/Rise stems from two Greenlandic players in that team, the brothers Matthias and Patrick Fleischer. Next stop Jersey : Sunday June 28th 2015 Menorca - Greenland.

'Pre-season' friendlies: Tved IF Ladies - Greenland Ladies 2-4
Amsterdam, 23 June 2015 - Greenland ladies will depart with positive feelings toward Jersey. The team beat yesterday Tved IF ladies with 4-2. At half-time the Danes led the game by 2-1, but in the second half Greenland took more initiatives. Goals from Malakiassen and Oline Kristiansen gave Greenland the victory. Monday the Island Games will start for the ladies. The goal is to reach the semi-finals by winning their group of three. But with Hitra and especially the home team of Jersey, this will not be easy.

'Pre-season' friendlies: Tasinge - Greenland 3-2; Ladies win 2-1
Amsterdam, 21 June 2015 - Celebrating the 50 years existence of Tasinge BK two gala matches took place June 20th. At 14h00 Greenland ladies took up their counterparts from Tasinge and beat them 2-1. At 16h00 Greenland Men lost their game against Tasinge BK with 3-2. June 22nd the ladies will play their last test match against Tved IF, the men play one day later against Marstal/Rise before heading off to Jersey where coming weekend the Island Games will start for both the Men and Ladies teams. (photo Knud Larsen)

'Pre-season' friendlies: OB U-19 - Greenland 6-1
Amsterdam, 20 June 2015 - Greenland lost its first friendly game this year against the U-19 Youth team of Odense Boldklubben OB. In the first of three games that are played at the island of Tasinge, the Greenlanders were already 3-1 behind at halftime. The second half saw three more Odense goals with which the game ended in a 6-1 loss. Tonight the Gala match against local Tasinge will be played as 50-years anniversary game of the home team.                         (photo Knud Larsen)

Pre-season' friendlies: All to be played at Tasinge BK
Amsterdam, 18 June 2015 - Tomorrow, June 19 Greenland will play their first practice match of this year. The game will be played against Odense BK U-19 and kick off is at 17h00 in Tasinge Stadium. Here an overview of all fixtures to be played before the team heads to Jersey to play the Island Games:

19 June 2015 17h00 OB U-19 - Greenland
20 June 2015 16h00 Tasinge forenende Boldklubber (50 years anniversary Tasinge)
23 June 2015 18h00 Marsal/Rise (Aero)

Greenland ladies will also play two friendly games in Tasinge the coming days :
20 June 2015 14h00 Tasinge - Greenland Ladies
22 June 2015 19h00 Tved IF - Greenland Ladies

We've met before: Saaremaa
Amsterdam, 6 February 2015 - One of the opponents this summer will be Saarema. Saaremaa is an Island on the west coast of Estonia and is about 1,000 times smaller then Greenland and has about half the amount of inhabitants (30,000) as Greenland.
Two games only played Saaremaa and Greenland together:
13-07-2001 Greenland – Saaremaa 2-0 (Isle of Man)
27-06-1999 Greenland – Saaremaa 4-1 (Gotland)

Greenland men will play Aland, Saaremaa and Menorca at 2015 Island Games
Amsterdam, 28 January 2015 - The groupphase draw has been performed for the coming Jersey 2015 16th NatWest Island Games. The games will be held between June 27th and July 3rd. It's for the second time that these games will be heald in Jersey after they hosted the Island Games before back in 1997.
The ladies have been drawn in group C and will face the hometeam Jersey and Hitra.
The men play in group A together with the teams of Aland, Saaremaa and Menorca.

Greenland Ladies pre-selection anounced
Amsterdam, 28 January 2015 - Bent Petersen and John Thorsen, who coach together the Greenland Ladies team have anounced the pre-selection for the 2015 Island Games of 26 players.
18 out of those 26 players will travel to Jersey in June.

    Marie Louise Broberg Berthelsen, I-69
    Paornannguak Isaksen, B-67

    Anna Karina Inusugtok, I-69
    Najaaraq Mørch, Nu?k
    Ane Mettea Fontain, S-68
    Lisa Møller Petersen, Nu?K
    Bebiane V. Johnsen, I-69
    Laila Brandt, Disko-76
    Maannguaq Kristiansen, I-69
    Tobiasine Abelsen, Nu?K
    Najattaaq Kristiansen, Disko-76
    Dodo Olsen Lyberth, Nu?K

    Manumina Reimer, I-69
    Laila Platou, Nu?K
    Karo Dahl, Disko-76
    Karen Louise Vetterlain, I-69
    Aili Pedersen, Nu?K
    Heidi Jensen, I-69
    Lisa Lind Jensen, I-69
    Iidui Broberg, Disko-76
    Karen Petersen, Kugssak-45

    Paneeraq Fleischer, I-69
    Arnaq B.Egede, Nu?K
    Inaluk P. Petersen, B-67
    Karoline Malakiassen, I-69
    Nivi Mathiassen, ATA


B-67 2014 Greenland Champions
Amsterdam, 9 August 2014 - In their home stadium in the Greenlandic capital of Nuuk B-67 won the GM 2014 Greenlandic Championship final against Malamuk from Uummannaq with  1-0.
During the final tournament B-67 was in great form, they only drew against N-48 from the beautiful town of Ilulissat. All other games were won easily. All results you can find at the site of the RSSSF.TM-62 from Malamuk withdrew sadly enough from the finals after having qualified as only Eastern Greenland team, this due to financial reasons.

Variétes Club de France - Greenland 0-1 - French football heros defeated by old Greenlandic players in Nuuk
Amsterdam, 22 May 2014 - Yesterday a big crowd gathered in the shopping centre of Nuuk. All wanted to get a glimpse of these great players from the past. Variétés club de France was presented to the fans. Especially former Arsenal player Robert Pires was very popular among the Greenlanders. In the Nuuk Stadium over 1,000 fans saw Greenland win the the game quite surprisingly with 1-0.

Greenland played with those players :
1. John Kreutzmann, B-67 (GK)
2. Morten Nordahl, B-67
3. Kenneth Kleist, B-67
4. Jimmy holm Jensen, B-67
5. Miki Brøns, B-67
6. John Eldevig, B-67
7. Paw Fleischer, B-67
8. Tittus Dalager, GSS
9. Henrik Mørch, GSS
10. Mads Rossing Lund, GSS
11. Rasmus Johansen, NUK
12. Jeremias Jeremiasen, NUK
13. Nukaaraq Johansen, NUK
14. Arne Geisler, NUK (GK)
15. Marius Jeremiasen, NUK
16. Angunnguaq Berthelsen, GSS
17. Mika Jensen, CF

and Variétés Club de France took these players to Greenland:
1. MAGNIEZ Vincent
2. VALENTE Patrick
3. COLLETER Patrick
4. FIORELLI Patrick
5. HAMARD René
6. DETAVE Thierry
8. BREGERE Arnaud
9. BARNIAUD Sébastien
10. PIRES Robert
11. ORTS Jean-Pierre,  
12. ROUYER Olivier
13. AMAMI Sofiane
14. VENDROUX Baptiste
15. DICKENSON Jérémie
16. SABOURIN Hervé
17. SAN PEDRO Stéphane
18. FONTAINE Mathieu
19. HITOTO Roger
20. OYONO Walter
22. BILLONG Romarin
23. LEMAIRE Yoann
24. LE FLOCH Stéphane
25. VILLE Pierre
26. ROGUE Dominique
27. ROUZIC Guillaume
28. MAXIMIN Hervé
29. QUINIOU Yves
29. COLAS Jean-Claude
30. VENDROUX Jacques
30. SEVENET Maxime
31. QUEMENER Patrice
32. FRAIOLI François
32. FRAIOLI Jean-Pierre


Greenland wins 2 out of 3 Futsal games vs Faroe Islands
Amsterdam, 2 December 2013 - In the Inussivik Sports Hall the first ever futsal international has been played by the Greenlandic national team last Friday November 29th. Greenland beat Faroe Islands 'B' with 6-2. On the next day, November 30st Greenland lost with 6-8, but the deciding third game was won by the homeside on Sunday December 1st with 5-3. The fans saw very interesting games with a lot of goals and a fresh playing Greenland team under the lead of Rene Olsen. The Faroe Islands travelled to Greenland with the following squad: Halgrím G. Hansen, ÍF; Jákup Andrias Hansen, EB/Streymur; Alex Jose Dos Santos, HB; Bárður Olsen, HB; Eli Falkvard Nielsen, 07 Vestur; Jákup S. Olsen, 07 Vestur; Monrad Holm Jacobsen, NSÍ; Brian Jacobsen, Skála; Hanus Jacobsen, Víkingur; Coaches: Jens Erik Rasmussen, Alex Troleis. Greenland played with this squad:
Greenland played with this squad:
1. John Kreutzmann, B-67
2. Arne Hansen, NUK
3. Katu Madsen, SAK/I-69
4. Maasi Maqe, B-67
5. Frederik Funch, B-67
6. Palu Petersen, T-41
7. Anders H Petersen, B-67
8. Markus Jensen, N-48
9. Kaali L Mathæussen N-48
10. Norsaq L Mathæussen, B-67
11. Kaassannguaq Zeeb, Malamuk
12. Jakob Møller, B-67
13. John Ludvig Broberg, G-44
14 Inooraq Svendsen, G-44
15. Jenseeraq Adolfsen, K-33
16. Jens Peter Dahl, NUK
17. Aputsiaq Birch, B-67

B67 - G44 3-2 - B-67 wins Greenlandic National Championship
Amsterdam, 23 August 2013 - In the southern city of Qaqartoq B-67, from the capital of Nuuk, won the National title of Greenland after they beat G-44 from Qeqertarsuaq in the final. NÛK, the second club in the capital Nuuk won the bronze medal by beating FC Malamuk from Uummannaq with 2-1. The final tournament was overshadowed by a small drugsscandal,  two B-67 players were sent home after being caught in the possession of some hash.

Bermuda - Greenland 1-0 (0-0) - Greenland men win Silver at Island Games 2013
Amsterdam, 19 July 2013 - In front of thousands of Bermuda fans, Greenland lost the final against home side Bermuda with 0-1. A penalty at the end of the game gave Bermuda the 0-1 advantage (Drewonde Bascome in the 88th minute), which was obviously a bit frustrating to the Greenlanders. But in the end it was a good tournament, the difference in quality was a bit too big. Probably there will be more teams participating again in 2015 when the games will be held in Jersey.

Bermuda Ladies - Greenland Ladies 0-0 (5-4 after penalties) - Greenland Ladies win Silver
Amsterdam, 19 July 2013 - After 120 minutes of play neither team was able to score, so penalty kicks had to bring the decision between Gold and Silver. Greenland led with 3-2 after a ball on the bar from a Bermudan lady. But in the end the Bermudan goal keeper saved 2 Greenlandic penalties and this made Bermuda Island Games 2013 Champions.

Falklands - Greenland 0-9 - Greenland in the Island Games final 2013 !!
Amsterdam, 18 July 2013 - With a 9-0 win over the Falkland Islands Greenland earned a place in the Island Games 2013 final ! After 8 minutes Norsaq Lund Mathæussen had managed to put the ball twice behind the Falkland goalkeeper already. At half time the game was already over and done with, Greenland scored five, Falkland none. The final will be played against the group winner Bermuda. Greenland must take revanche in the final for the 3-0 loss in the opening game.

Hitra Ladies - Greenland Ladies 1-2 (0-2)
Amsterdam, 17 July 2013 - Greenland ladies won the rematch against Hitra with 2-1 against the ladies from Hitra. Greenland led by goals from Platou and Egede in the first half. In the 89th minute Lise Rovik brought the score back to 2-1. Greenland Ladies will play the group winner Bermuda on Thursday July 18th in the Final of the Island Games 2013.

Hitra Ladies - Greenland Ladies 1-4 (1-4)
Amsterdam, 16 July 2013 - Greenland ladies won with 4-1 against the ladies from Hitra. This score was already reached at half-time. Since there are only three women teams participating in these Island Games, there will follow Wednesday July 17th a rematch between the numbers 2 (Greenland) and 3 (Hitra) to decide who will play the group winner Bermuda on Thursday July 18th.

Froya - Greenland 0-12 (0-5)
Amsterdam, 15 July 2013 - With Falkland loosing Bermuda, this 11-0 win made a route into the final very close. For many less fans Greenland played quite well and Froya didn't stand a chance. With 0-5 at half time the game was never really exciting. If the game against Falkland tomorrow will not end in a disaster Greenland will play Bermuda in the final of the 2013 Island Games.

Bermuda - Greenland 3-0 (1-0)
Amsterdam, 14 July 2013 - In front of thousands of Bermuda fans, Greenland lost the opening game against the home side Bermuda with 0-3. Greenland proved physicaly strong, but was technically just not as far yet as the Bermudans. Domico Coddington scored the opening goal. Bermuda kept on pushing towards a second goal, but the Greenland defense was quite well organised. Early in the second half there was almost the surprise equaliser, but the post bounced the ball back in to the game. Anton Russell scored from the penalty spot the 0-2, and Zeiko lewis put the 0-3 behind the Greenlandic goalkeeper.

Greenland Ladies - Bermuda Ladies 1-5
The ladies had also trouble playing the home side, in front of some 500 fans Bermuda beat the Greenlandic ladies with 5 goals to 1 (Laila Platou scored the only goal).

5th Pre-Island Games friendly: FC Svendborg - Greenland 0-3
Amsterdam, 6 July 2013 - FC Svendborg - Greenland 3-0
In attendance of some 200 fans, 2nd Division side Svendborg didn't stand a chance against the Greenland national team. It must be said of course that for Svendborg it was their first game together after the Summer holidays, and for Greenland it was their last preparation game before heading to the Island Games, but still quite an impressing result achieved by the national team. Svendborg was not unexplored territory for one of the Greenlanders, Kaassannguaq Zeeb played between 2004 and 2011 for Svendborg. Norsaq Lund Mathæussen scored the 0-1 in the 24th minute. In the 49th minute Johan Bidstrup signed for the 0-2. In the 75th minute Greenland scored the 0-3 that came once again off the foot of Norsaq Lund Mathæussen.

4th Pre-Island Games friendly: Marstal/Rise- Greenland 1-3
Amsterdam, 6 July 2013 - The drama from the early morning was evened out by the 1-3 victory that Greenland gaines at Ærø against local side Marstal/Rise. On the train from Odense to the harbour where the ferry was to be taken, the train got stuck. Greenland missed the ferry, and took the next one, two hours later. The ship was used as changeing room, and the players entered the pitch straight after arrival, where the match was delayed already for them. After a goal in teh 5th minute Greenland was 1-0 down at half-time. In the second half Greenland stroke back by goals from Norsaq Lund Mathaeussen (46th minute), Kaassaannguaq Zeeb (72th minute) and Frederik Funch (85th minute). Some 300 fans saw in the end the home team thus loose with 3 goals to 1. Greenland seems to perform better every game, who knows where this will end next week in Bermuda?

3rd Pre-Island Games friendly: Odense KFUM - Greenland 0-2
Amsterdam, 5 July 2013 - In the game against former topflight club KFUM Odense, Greenland showed that they are in great form. They won with 2-0 against the Serie 1 team. Minik Stephensen scored the 1-0 in the 23rd minute and good old Nakuanguaq Zeeb doubled this score towards the final 2-0 result in the 26th minute of the game. In the second half KFUM was stronger, but the Greenlandic defense showed what it is capable of. At the Danish side a Greenlander played against his own country, Paul Thomas Kuko. In Nuuk he used to played for B67. He confirmed Greenland played a fair game but need to practice a bit more together since it was clear that the players are not used to each other yet since they don't play together during the rest of the year. So with two more friendlies to go, that sounds promising towards the departure to Bermuda July 9th !

2nd Pre-Island Games friendly: Naesby BK - Greenland 2-2
Amsterdam, 4 July 2013 - Having arrived only at 02:00am Wednesdaymorning, Greenland had that same afternoon already their first practice game in Denmark in their agenda. Considering that lack of sleep the team did considerably well against the Danish 2nd Division side of Naesby. A 2-2 draw is considered as a good result, the team played smart and good. Possibly some of the players were still half a sleep from the heavy night when NBK scored their first goal. 1-0 was the halftime score. In the second half Frederik Funch showed the Danish opponent what the Greenlanders are capable of and put his side 1-2 ahead. 9 Minutes before the end NBK did something back and put the final score at 2-2.

1st Pre-Island Games friendly: Nuuk XI - Greenland 3-2
Amsterdam, 30 June 2013 - Greenland played yesterday June 29 a friendly game in Nuuk Stadium against a Nuuk XI. This was the very first game of the national team at the Nuuk home stadium since 1983, when Greenland met the Faroer Islands twice in the now defunct Greenland Cup. Nuuk XI performed quite well yesterday and won against the Greenland national team with 3-2. Especially the attacking needs some improvent. But, according to head Coach René Olsen, the game was a splendid learning oppertunity, and in next games in Denmark we will see if the lessons were clear to the Greenlandic players.

We've met before: Falklands
Amsterdam, 28 June 2013 - From this seasons Island Games opponents, only Falklands was present too on the last Island Games. Greenland and Falklands were not in the same group, nor did they meet in the final phase of the tournament. The team from the most southern Island of the IG Organisation finished 13th out of the 14 participants in the United Kingdom. Greenland faced Falklands only once before. Back in 2001, during the Isle of Man Island Games, Falklands were trahsed with 4-0 by the Greenlandic side.

We've met before: Froya
Amsterdam, 24 June 2013 - As Bermuda, Froya didn't take part in the 2011 Island Games Football Tournament. Greenland and Frøya met on two previous occasions, Frøya both winning 2-1. In 1997, at the Jersey Games, Greenland and Frøya faced each other for the first time. The second encounter was just two years later in 1999 when Greenland lost 2-1 again at the Island Games in Gotland.

We've (never) met before: Bermuda
Amsterdam, 20 June 2013 - From this seasons Island Games opponents, only Falklands was present too on the last Island Games. Greenland and Falklands were not in the same group, nor did they meet in the final phase of the tournament. The team from the most southern Island of the IG Organisation finished 13th out of the 14 participants in the United Kingdom. Greenland faced Falklands only once before. Back in 2001, during the Isle of Man Island Games, Falklands were trahsed with 4-0 by the Greenlandic side.

Island Games 2013 Fixtures of the Greenland men & lady teams
Amsterdam, 13 June 2013 - the organising committee of the Island Games in Bermuda has published the fixtures of the coming Island Games. Since there are fewer participants then other editions, there will be only one group with teams for the ladies, as well as the men. In the Ladies group there are Bermuda and Hitra competing with the Greenlandic ladies. The men will face home team Bermuda, Froya and the Falklands.

Men fixtures
14/7 Bermuda - Greenland   20:00 (NSC)
15/7 Greenland - Froya        20:00 (BAA)
17/7 Falklands - Greenland  18:00 (NSC)
18/7 final + 3rd place game  20:00 & 18:00

Women fixtures
14/7 Bermuda - Greenland   18:00 (NSC)
16/7 Hitra - Greenland        18:00 (NSC)
17/7 nrs 2 vs 3                    20:00 (BAA)
18/7 nrs 1 vs winner 2 vs 3  18:00 (NSC)


NSC = National Sports Center

BAA = Bermuda Athletics Association

Island Games 2013 : 5 weeks and 5 friendly fixtures to go
Amsterdam June 3rd 2013 - We are some 5 weeks prior to departure to Bermuda now. The Greenland football team will travel from Kopenhagen to Bermuda at July 29th. Before this departure some friendly fixtures have been arranged :

29 June 2013 Nuuk XI - Greenland
4 July 2013 18:00 OB XI - Greenland
5 July 2013 18:00 KFUM - Greenland
6 July 2013 18:00 OB XI - Greenland
8 July 2013 18:00 Svendborg - Greenland

Island Games 2013 Bermuda squads anounced
Amsterdam, 18 April 2013, Head Coach Rene Olsen has announced the squad he will take to the 2013 Island Games tournament in the island of Bermuda. In contrary to the many teams that participated in the 2011 in Bermuda only four men teams . The organisation will anounce in the last week of April the fixtures. The ladies are already assured of a medal since only three ladies teams have subscribed to the Bermuda games.

The Men squad will consist of the following players :
1 John Kreutzmann – B-67
2 Loke Svane - B-67
3 Kaali L. Mathæussen - N-48
4 Mike Petersen - B-67
5 Nukannguaq Zeeb - G-44
6 Aputsiaq Birch – B-67
7 Niisinnguaq Geisler – Kugsak-45
8 John Eldevig - B-67
9 Anders H. Petersen – B-67
10 Palu Petersen – T-41
11 Aqissiaq Ludvigsen – Aarhus Fremad
12 Minik Stephensen – Ek’aluk-54
13 John-L. Broberg – G-44
14 Kaassannguaq Zeeb - FC Malamuk
15 Maasi Maqe – B-67
16 Frederik Funch – B-67
17 Markus Jensen – N-48
18 Norsaq Mathæussen – B-67
19 Daniel Knudsen - DK
20 Johan Bidstrup G-44/B-67/DK
21 Pavia Mølgård - SAK
22 Sakiu Lundblad – N-48
23 Kasper Thorleifsen – N-48
24 Lars Niels Berthelsen – B-67
25 Malik Kleist – Ek’aluk-54

The Greenland Ladies team will contain the following players :

1. Rasmine Berthelsen, B-67
2. Tobiassine Abelsen, NÛK
3. Mannguaq Kristiansen, I-69
4. Bebiane V. Johnsen, I-69
5. Lisa Petersen, NÛK
6. Najaaraq Lyberth, NÛK
7. Anna Karina Inuusuttoq, KB-84
8. Berthe Ugpernángitsok, B-67
9. Manumina Reimer, I-69
10. Karo Dahl, Disko 76
11. Laila Platou, NÛK
12. Najaaraq Mørch, NÛK
13. Lisa Lind Jensen, I-69
14. Karen Louise Vetterlain, UB-83
15. Paneeraq Fleischer, I-69
16. Arnaq Borup Egede, NÛK
17. Karoline Malakiassen, I-69
18. Pilunnguaq Chemnitz, I-69

GM 2013 to be played in Qaqartoq between August 10th and August 18th
Amsterdam, 1 February 2013, Qaqartoq will host the 2013 GM, the finals of the national Greenlandic Championship. The tournament will be held with eight teams in week 33.
The GM Women will be held the week before in Qeqertasuaq, with in the same week the GM Youth to be held in Maniitsoq.

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Newsitems plus photos are mainly based upon news from Greenlandic newspapers Sermitsiaq and AG


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