Greenlandic football in pictures 1970


GSS - B-67, during the long winter a sportshall is available for Indoor Tournaments
(AG, January 29th 1970)

GSS won the Indoor tournament, with B-67 and NÛK as other participants. Here Peter Petersen (GIF) hands the Cup to Knud Frederik Olsen. Left of him are Poul Absalonsen and Otto Berthelsen, on the right just visible Hans P. Kreutzmann.
(AG, May 28th 1970)

Indoor football, famous Danish player Knud Lundberg against B-67

(AG, October 8th 1970)

I-69 team 1 year after foundation
Kristian Petersen, Anders Thorleifsen, Gaba Thorleifsen, Steffen Fisker, Martin Thorning, Jørgen Rosbach, Ole Kristensen, Niels Nathanielsen, Gaba Fly, Lennert Thomas Gundel
(AG, November 12th 1970)

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